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Turn Your Thumbs Green This Spring

Pinecrest Woman Gardening in Her BackyardIf you want to experience peace and serenity, a fresh spring garden is exactly what you need. Very few people, however, have the gift for making green things grow. Most people would have us convinced that a green thumb is an inherent talent made available only to a limited number of people. There just isn’t any truth to this. Healthy spring plants are the result of careful planning, good information, and dedication. As a matter of fact, you can relish in the green beauty that springtime has to offer by going through a few easy ways to develop your own green thumb.

If you have a fascination for growing spring plants, you should not be put off by a lack of experience or even garden space. It doesn’t demand a lot of hard work or that you spend a lot of money just to grow beautiful spring plants to beautify your home. Begin your journey to having a green thumb by getting into container gardening. It’s an easy place to start.

Container gardening is growing spring plants in pots, wooden boxes, and other containers. What makes this different from common landscaping, is that, with container gardening, you can place a variety of flowering plants, vegetables, and even small trees in and around your home, patio, porch, or wherever you choose. Different heights and sizes of containers can make beautiful visual displays. One of the best things about it is, if you should ever move, you can take your plants with you.

To get you started on the path to container gardening, you’ll need to acquire a few things– some basic supplies, the right amount of sun, and access to a water source. Take that and combine it with a little basic gardening know-how, and you can cultivate as much of a green thumb as you desire.

Needless to say, choosing the right plants to start with is also important. Some plants require less attention to keep alive, so look for plants that are recommended for beginners. Have you ever heard of pansies? They’re easy to plant and maintain, so you might want to look into them first. Pansies are hardy, resilient flowers that handle cold weather well. They do well in partially shady spots in the south, and even in the sunny areas in the northern states — pansies are capable of sustaining themselves. Just don’t forget to feed and water your flowers on a regular basis. This way, you’ll see beautiful spring flowers right away!

Flowers are not the only easy plants for new gardeners to grow. If you like fresh herbs, consider growing basil or mint. Both basil and mint are really easy to grow and maintain and mature quickly. If not regularly monitored, mint can be invasive because of how quickly it develops. This is why it works particularly well for container gardening or for areas of the yard edged by walkways or driveways.

If you want to try growing vegetables, start with low-maintenance plants like onions, lettuce, or beans. These plants tend to grow well in a lot of different climates and aren’t too picky about soil conditions. Take note; always buy seedlings instead of seeds to get your plants going. Seedlings are good for beginners because they are already acclimated to the growing conditions of your area. This helps you do a better job of sustaining them throughout the growing season.

Once you are ready to branch out a little, start adding to your spring garden a plant or two at a time. Trying to go too big or do too much is a recipe for failure. On the contrary, create a plan. Plot out how you want to go about your gardening vision — when and where to expand. In the course of plotting out the details, it is essential to recognize what resources and tools you have available, what you might need to buy, and what kind of plants will thrive in your climate. Take note that in order for plants to grow green and healthy, you have to choose the varieties that are a good fit for your area. So, do your due diligence by looking into what kind of plants do well in your location. While a variety of plants means a variety of needs, one thing that they share in common is the need to obtain the right nutrients and temperature to sustain themselves. Native plants are uniquely suited to certain climates, resulting in them thriving in their locality.

Developing a green thumb this spring doesn’t have to be difficult. As you begin, you will soon find it to be both doable and enriching. With careful thought and preparation, you could be a few steps away from enjoying the fresh greenery of the season, all-around your home.

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